Sunday, 16 November 2008

Vader's Christmas Baubles

An incoming Star Wars Christmas tree has resulted from many a fruitful Google search. It will ROCK. Of course it also turned up much more Darth related brilliance - the best of which are shared here. Can Darth in Adidas ever be beaten?

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Swearing turtle & party lobster

Yes a more random of our posts. We understand it is childish to find Terry funny - but learning our lessons from 'Billy the Bass' we say stock up now and sell for double the money on eBay. I can confirm if he was on my desk the batteries would most certainly go missing (read be removed). The real version does not come with beeps like the video.

More good work from Firebox - as always we salute you!

All the talk of the now very aged Billy the Bass got me on the hunt for spin offs. There is a surprising variety, embedded below in case your really bored, or a massive fish lover.

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Peace In The Universe

This is a Christmas list we would have loved to be on. These pictures are a selection of Christmas cards from Lucas Films over the past 30 years - yes as in George Lucas, as in Star Wars. They rock.

Via the Cowbag.

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No Distance Left To Film

I recently rediscovered this video and it struck me how moving and strong simply concepts can be when it comes to direction. In this case filming people whilst they were asleep. Damon says it is most certainly a sad song. I disagree. It is a REALLY sad song.

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