Friday, 27 June 2008

Tater of the Lost Ark & Lego Boulders

As far as movie merchandise goes the new Raiders of the Lost Ark movie is going crazy and totally over egging the pudding in this field - imagine it and it has been made.

We were, of course, particularly fond of the lego boulder viral released to support the launch of the new lego (see below) then we found this bad boy.

The absolute stand out piece of merchandising for the Cowshed has to be the Raiders for the Lost Ark Mr Potato Head.

He has shoes, teeth, ears and a mouth, but more importantly, he has a bull whip. And if you press his head the Tater of the Lost Ark plays the theme tune. Oh yes bring it on - and to think we thought Darf Tater could not be beaten!

It is available from Firefox and this is what they have to say on the subject;

Indiana Jones. Professor of archaeology, expert on the occult, obtainer of rare antiquities, dead ringer for a tubby comedy potato! It's true because everyone's favourite whip-cracking action hero has been given the root vegetable treatment in the shape of Mr Potato Head: Taters of the Lost Ark.

This fantastically daft movie/potato tie-in comes with all the accoutrements associated with the good doctor, including that famous fedora hat, leather jacket and bullwhip. He's even brandishing a gold-coloured idol like the one from the legendary opening scene.

You'll be so impressed your head is liable to implode like Belloq's after he opened the Ark and saw all those dirty peelings.
Speaking of Raiders of the Lost Ark (which we were, kind of), this tomb-raiding spud will play three different segments from the movie's rousing theme tune every time you press his hat; hold it down and you'll hear the whole shebang. All together now, 'Daa-da-da-daaa...'

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