Friday, 11 July 2008

Architectural Jelly

It was the competition everyone wanted to see: Take some food, add some architecture, plus a design challenge and here's what you get:

Over 100 top architects worldwide submitted proposals for this jelly mould competition. The top ten entrants being cast in....jelly. What a FANTASTIC idea for competition - and all for charity too.

Specifically Article 25, the official charity of the London Festival of artchitecture. If you love this idea as much as we do, you can even buy a photograph of the jelly moulds.


Bompas & Parr: Copper St Paul's Mould is above - and here are some of our other favourites.

Foster and Partners - Wobbly Bridge (brilliant in so many ways)
Grimshaw: Eden Project Jelly
Bompas & Parr bring Barajas "Jelly" Airport to your party (Serves 250)

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