Friday, 11 July 2008

Local Undertakers Branch Out

This coffin / death themed restaurant is an all time low in themed restaurants which I discovered while writing for Trendhunter.

It is called Eternity.There are really no words...Rightly or wrongly, coffins freak me out. So even if it was not in the Ukraine I doubt I would go anywhere near this place. That's for several reasons, not least because I am not overly confident in the hosting skills of a team of local undertakers.

Also because the coffins serve as tables. Clearly I can't judge the quality of the food but you can make a good guess that the dishes have been given names such as “Let’s meet in paradise”. But fear not if the food takes a while in coming.

You can browse the restaurant's macabre collection of funeral related artifacts. It does indeed sound all fun, fun, fun.

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