Friday, 4 July 2008

Oxyphenbutazone - Friday Factoid

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to...Scrabble is 60 this year. And what is a birthday without treats. Which brings us nicely onto this ace chocolate scrabble from the too cool for school designers Mary & Matt . We are sad to report it is sadly sold out.

Now everyone loves a good bit of Scrabble, and a perfect dinner party fact is that oxyphenbutazone is technically the word which give you the highest possible score.

Disappointingly this has never confirmed to have happened - it would require the game to have unfolded in exactly the right way to that point, leaving exactly the right spaces and the right combination of letters in the bag.
But IF it did happen it would span three triple word scores creating seven other new words an a score of 1,778.

The closest anyone has got to the magic 1,778 happened at a contest in Manchester in 1982. Dr Karl Khoshnaw got 392 (hardly a
oxyphenbutazone score is it?) points for Caziques - which would be just one of the words on the 267,751 approved word list.

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