Friday, 4 July 2008

Strange Ice Cream

The sun's got his hat on which means the Cows are sprinting head first into summer with the traditional ice creams runs commencing.

All very nice indeed but the local corner shops only offer ice cream of the twister, cornetto etc style. What we really really want is this range from Japan. Of course we would not eat some of them - or even feed them to Fungus (aka the Cowshed security dog) - but it would be nice to have the option to eat them if we wanted too.

Take the pit viper ice cream -
the pit viper is one of the most dangerous poisonous snakes inhabiting the Japanese archipelago. And a bite into this reptilian flavored ice cream can certainly seem deadly. Pit viper is regarded as an aphrodisiac in Japan, but the terrible taste makes it hard to fall in love with this ice cream.

If pit viper does not rock your boat then all of these are REAL ice cream flavours; octopus, horse radish, wasabi, chicken wing, miso, whale, shark fin, oyster, red wine, curdled bean, soy sauce, Indian curry, sardines... ...the list is endless.

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