Friday, 1 August 2008

If Carlsberg Did Icecream Trucks

If Carlsberg did ice cream trucks then they would do them like this:

First up is of course Scoop which is getting old now and loses points for being just too cool for school and being near impossible to find. Hottie serving ladies though (apparently) and you have got to love that spoon on the van roof.

My favourite Shoreditch (London - our local area) a go go ice cream van favourite is from Lola's On Ice - a bit less cool (equals less scary) and lots of awesome flavours. Its all about the ice cream baby - not design as in the case of Scoop. Now I need to find an event which will give me a good excuse to hire Lola. But back to the flavours it offers, now some of these have go to rock your boat?

Horseradish ice cream
Bourbon vanilla ice cream with summer fruit, Raspberry sauce or Pedro Ximenez sherry
Red summer fruit ice cream
Valhrona chocolate sorbet with a brandy snap
Pina colada’ - coconut and white rum sorbet with pineapple on a stick
Burnt orange caramel ice cream
Eton Mess ice cream
Raspberry sorbet
Affogato al caffé
Fresh mint ice cream with a chocolate brownie
Pineapple and chilli sorbet
Beetroot and Cassis Sorbet
Hokey pokey ice cream
Gin and tonic sorbet
Melon and ginger sorbet
Lemongrass ice cream
Memphis Belle (apricots, Southern Comfort and Oloroso sherry)
Banana toffee ice cream
‘Black Forest Gateau’ Sundae
Star Anise and Saffron Ice Cream
“Turkish Delight” (Rose petal and Lemon Verbena Ice Cream)

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