Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A Bunny A Day - Keeps the Blues Away

We were excited when we found skull-a-day but rabbit a day is even better. Most of the entries onto this rabbit filled blog are from artists and rabbits aside it is a brilliant way to discover new work.

It ranges from the 'URGH' such as this multi media taxidermy piece from Angela Singer. At first glance you are repulsed by the gore but on close examination you see the blood and guts are in fact red beads and sequins.

BUNNYOCALYPSE: The Marshmallow Bunny Apocalypse (Part 4) is also featured. Click here to see a gallery of episodes detailing the on-going Marshmallow Bunny Apocalypse. Sadly it halts when they run out of marshmallow bunny's and they have to wait for Easter again!

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