Friday, 10 October 2008

Zombie Online Dating - Even The Apocalypse Doesn't Have To Be Lonely

Zombie’s don’t be lonely this Halloween and we can’t forget that these animated hunks of flesh have feelings in the pile of mush that was a brain.

They say there is someone for everyone and this dating site for Zombie’s - Zombie Harmony - goes a long way to prove that.

Given this site is a bit ‘different’ - rather than hair colour, eyes, personality etc there is a whole range of different questions.

For example you a; a) slow-moving Zombie, b) fast-moving Zombie or c)Immobile Zombie. Other questions are if you are into gnawing, lumbering or groaning. Here are some of the corkers on this site waiting to be snapped up - what are you waiting for?

I_ate_my_family is interested in liver, pancreas and lower intestine and hates gardening and shotguns.

Maybe a good match for luvstcuddle who likes lumbering, staring vacantly and cuddling.

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