Thursday, 6 November 2008

Searching For The UK's Fittest OAP

Unlike Bonnie Tyler we're are not searching for a hero but the UK's fittest OAP. This Monday, Cowshed went to deepest darkest Stroud (Gloucester, UK) to meet an amazing man - a ridiculous fit 76 year old called Michael.

Michael Minnett (nickname the Fossil as old and craggy) is heading up a campaign from Cravendale to find the UK's most "ripped wrinkly" - with the Sun launching the campaign today online. On their website you will also find an awesome launch video where you can see Michael dispensing some keep fit advice, pressing weights and standing on his head. No one likes a show off Michael ;-)

You can enter your own grandparent - or great grand parent - by going to the milk matters website.

Loving fit elderly people as much as we do?

Read about a playground for pensioners here;
the sad news that the hermit tattoo leopard man has retired (retiring from being a hermit has to be the best concept ever) or simply enjoy the hip hop granny video below.

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